Should I Buy a Pre-Owned Alfa Romeo Car?

June 4th, 2021 by

pre-owned Alfa Romeo

An exotic luxury vehicle is something that many drivers aspire to. All the luxurious amenities, the impeccable performance, and the stunning appearance of sports cars add to their appeal. But the sticker price is likely the biggest hurdle for most customers.

Fortunately, there’s a way around that. Have you ever looked into purchasing a pre-owned Alfa Romeo car at Momentum Alfa Romeo? There are several reasons why the pre-owned route can be preferable for shoppers looking to save.

1. Lower Prices

Like we said, retail prices for brand-new exotic vehicles are nothing to scoff at. But with a pre-owned Alfa Romeo car, you can pay significantly less and still experience the perks of a luxury vehicle.

Another benefit is being able to avoid the accelerated depreciation in value that comes with purchasing a new car. The bulk of value depreciation happens the moment a new vehicle drives off the lot and becomes pre-owned, and it slows down each year. Buying a pre-owned car protects your vehicle’s resale value.

2. Certified Pre-Owned Programs

If you’re worried about a pre-owned vehicle having issues from past owners, there’s a way around that as well. One of the perks of buying a pre-owned car is that many dealerships have Certified Pre-Owned programs, such as Momentum Alfa Romeo.

This means your Certified Pre-owned Alfa Romeo car has been thoroughly inspected by the manufacturer and is certified to be of good quality. It can also come with additional warranties.

3. Better Financing and Interest Rates

Another benefit of buying pre-owned is the finance options. You can often get lower interest rates on a pre-owned exotic vehicle compared to a new one, and insurance premiums tend to be lower with pre-owned cars than new ones.

All in all, your Alfa Romeo dealer in Hurst, TX has plenty of pre-owned cars for you to choose from. Visit us today to learn more about why a pre-owned Alfa Romeo vehicle is the right choice for you.

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