What Does an Alternator Do?


What does an alternator do and how does it help power your Alfa Romeo in Keller? While it’s often assumed that the battery powers your vehicle, it’s actually only used to start it. The alternator is actually what sends power to your vehicle’s electrical system while it’s running. The alternator does this by functioning as a generator, using the gas engine as its source of energy. For additional alternator information, including finding out answers to, “how much is an alternator,” turn to the service team at Momentum Alfa Romeo!

Warning Signs of a Bad Alternator

Is your alternator on its last legs? Some common signs that your alternator may need to be replaced include:

  • Your vehicle is unable to start
  • The battery warning light is appearing on the dashboard
  • Interior lights or headlights appear dim
  • You notice a burning rubber smell under the hood
  • Your devices are no longer charging
  • A whining or screeching sound can be heard after the vehicle has started

Is it the Alternator or Battery?

It can be easy to mistake a dying alternator for a dying battery, but there’s one easy way to help distinguish the two.

  • Wait until the vehicle is unable to start and needs a jump.
  • Jump-start the engine and remove the jumper cables after it starts.
  • If the vehicle dies immediately after the jumper cables are removed, it’s the alternator.

To have a Momentum Alfa Romeo certified technician take a look, schedule a service appointment at our service center near Southlake.

How Often do You Need to Replace an Alternator?

Most alternators will last anywhere between 80,000 and 150,000 miles (or about seven years.) Yet, there are some factors that can cause you to need to replace your alternator more frequently, such as:

  • Poor alternator quality
  • Power drain on the alternator
  • Extreme driving conditions

How Much is an Alternator?

How much is an alternator? Different vehicles require different alternators, making it hard to give an exact number. However, if you reach out to the Momentum Alfa Romeo parts center, we can give you a quote for the alternator your vehicle requires. What’s more, we can also factor in any current service and parts specials into the price!

Have Your Alternator Checked at Momentum Alfa Romeo

If you want a professional to check your alternator, or you’re looking for a replacement alternator in the Dallas area, drop by the Momentum Alfa Romeo service center. Our technicians can diagnose your vehicle’s needs and quickly manage any repairs needed.

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