How to Maintain Your Exotic Car from Momentum Alfa Romeo

April 21st, 2021 by

At Momentum Alfa Romeo, we carry only the best in luxury vehicles that deliver on performance, quality, and more. As an exotic car dealer near Dallas, TX, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and support, from the moment you step inside our dealership to the day you decide to part ways with your Alfa Romeo car.

Our customers often ask about how to best maintain their new cars to preserve value and increase lifespan. Here are a few tips.

1. Consistent Service and Maintenance

The first and most obvious aspect of keeping your Alfa Romeo vehicle in like-new condition is to stay up to date on regular maintenance. Luxury cars tend to have more demanding servicing needs than your typical vehicle, so it’s important to keep ahead and visit your Alfa Romeo service center often.

2. Interior and Exterior Detailing

It goes without saying that the expensive leather seats and chrome trim should be cleaned frequently to maintain pristine condition. Have it washed regularly, vacuum the inside, and always use the proper cleaning materials.

3. Check Your Tires

As the owner of a luxury vehicle, you should be in the habit of frequently checking the thread and pressure of your tires. As the only point of contact between your car and the road, proper tire pressure and maintenance is extremely important for exotic cars that typically have more power and torque.

4. Always Use Extra Caution

While any good driver stays aware of their surroundings, exotic car drivers must exercise extra caution anytime they’re behind the wheel. Road conditions can often change unexpectedly, and whether it’s a low clearance, and expensive chassis, or specialty tires, there are plenty of factors that make awareness of your environment extremely important.

5. Watch the Clutch

It’s common knowledge that a well-functioning clutch is key to a smooth engine, especially when it comes to powerful exotic cars. Pay attention to any changes in your engine speed to know if your clutch is wearing out.

To learn more about exotic car maintenance, just visit our team at Momentum Alfa Romeo. We can wait to talk with you!

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