The Alfa Romeo 4C and Romeo 4C Spider

December 22nd, 2020 by

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The Alfa Romeo 4C is an affordable sports car with a supercar style, bringing you everything you’ll want while keeping distractions to a minimum. Also, you’ll find the high-performance update to the Alfa Romeo 4C, the Spider is visually appealing and powerful, with a turbocharged engine that will stir up your soul whether you’re commuting to work or going out for a drive around Southlake. However, it is worth noting that the Alfa Romeo 4C coupe has been discontinued, and they are only producing new 4C Spiders. But you can still find out how these thoroughbred sports cars perform below.


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Performance: Alfa Romeo 4C 0 to 60

There is no denying that the Alfa Romeo 4c has some serious power under its hood, and can punch you in the gut if you’re not ready for the acceleration whether you’re driving the 4C or the Spider. That being said, what you’re getting under the hood is a masterpiece of craftsmanship all of its own. Both the 4C and 4C Spider can put out 237 horsepower and 258lbs of torque from their direct-injection 1742cc four-cylinder engine. But that’s not all that the Romeo 4C has going for it, as both models weigh less than 2500 pounds giving it an outstanding 10.4 power-to-weight ratio.

  • Alfa Romeo 4C 0 to 60: 4.2 seconds
  • Alfa Romeo 4C Spider 0 to 60: 4.1 seconds
  • Twin Clutch Transmission: Both models come with a six-speed automatic twin clutch transmission
  • Fuel Economy: the 4C and 4C spider have an estimated 24 mpg highway/34 mpg highway/28 mpg combined. 

A Body That Turns Heads to Match

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider 0 to 60 isn’t the only thing impressive about this beauty of Italian craftsmanship. Both the exterior and interior are equally visually powerful, no matter the color choice. Inspired by Formula 1 construction methods, the 4C rests on a chassis made from a single piece of carbon fiber. It also features sports car-inspired suspension that was built with almost any condition in mind and available thick sway bars for even more control over the road.

Inside of this well-crafted beauty, you’ll find a thoroughbred racehorse with minimal distractions. Alfa Romeo designed the 4C and 4C Spider with a throwback to vintage roadsters in mind, giving you an intimate feeling every time you slip into the driver’s seat. 

  • DNA Drive Mode Selector: Select how the vehicle responds to different conditions; Dynamic, Natural, All-Weather, or Race.
  • Back Up Camera: A mirror-mounted video screen displays the rear camera
  • Rear Parking Sensors: Additional assistance and safety when maneuvering in tight spaces
  • 7-inch Driver Digital Cluster: An instrument panel-mounted real-time information display 
  • Available Carbon Crown: Give the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider a tribute to Formula 1 with a carbon fiber halo
  • Available Alpine hi-fi: An upgrade to the sound system, giving the 4C Spider extra audio performance

Where the Alfa Romeo 4C really shines is when you’re able to push the engine, to really feel and hear the engine, which roars with its own characteristic nature on the roads of Keller. The Alfa Romeo 4C 0 to 60 speeds can match and exceed other luxury sports cars, and this Italian racer knows it.

Discover the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider For Yourself at Momentum Alfa Romeo

The friendly staff of Momentum Alfa Romeo is here to help you find the right model Alfa Romeo for you. You can contact us today to schedule a test drive for yourself around Dallas, and feel the power behind the engine and the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider 0 to 60 acceleration. Our staff at the finance office can help you with the right plan to match your budget, and our expert service team will keep you on the road. Come in today and discover this piece of modern Italian artwork.


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